Vets and Pet Owners Unite!

It can be overwhelming, both financially and emotionally, to take your pet to the veterinarian.

So you’ve heard how every veterinarian is out for your hard-earned money, right? I’m here with the real scoop. The neighborhood veterinary practice is there for your pet, not the cash. It’s a business, yes, but not for money’s sake. Money is the necessary evil needed to give your pet the best care possible.

I’m here to help.

My mission, after working as a veterinary technician (or animal nurse) for over 20 years, is to help break down the barriers that keep pet owners and their vets from achieving what they both want – the best for the animal.

This blog is where we can do it together! I know you love your pet. I know what you want to know, and what you might not want to hear. I know what your vet wants to say, but can’t.

Your pet means more to you than money. Well, the same goes for the vet. They see the bond you have, and their ultimate goal is keeping you together with your pet as long as possible. And they would not be in their job if they didn’t care about the animal first. Most veterinarians can only hope to pay off their student loans these days. You might be surprised to learn the average veterinarian in the US makes only a third of what a human physician makes (with the vets making an average of $88,490.00 in comparison with the physicians at $196,520*). Their vet techs are only paid a third of what the vets make. And they both work with multiple species, not just humans, and do everything, from simple exams to anesthesia to spinal surgery.

So the next time you take Riley to the vet, give some credit to the professionals there. If you truly listen and communicate with each other, Riley is the big winner.

BJ and Pearl

* These stats were taken from an article at