Mission Statement

Dear Pet Parents,

After 20 years, I’ve learned a lot about caring for your pets, and what you need to know, and what you care about.  My intent is to share common information about the basic needs of your pet, and support your relationship with them. I will never intend to offer direct medical advice in conflict with your veterinarian. They are your most qualified and knowledgeable source of medical care. If you need help finding a veterinarian, I will be very happy to assist! 

Do you have a question about your pet? Are you thinking about getting a pet, but not sure you should? Have you lost a pet? I want to help you learn common sense pet care. I want to answer your questions about the basics, such as why vaccines are important, which parasite preventatives are trustworthy, and what to do when your relationship with your pet isn’t working.

I want to start a conversation, so you don’t have to ask your neighbor or your hair-dresser what to do when your dog is itching, or your cat is yowling. Again, I don’t intend to replace your vet or their staff, but to encourage you to ask the right people.

And if you have a question about something, and I don’t know the answer, we’ll find it together!

Thanks for joining me! Betsie